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By extending the hero image to the height and width of the window, while displaying two call-to-action buttons, it drew more attention to the mission statement of Landmark Studio & Design, which is to "Achieve Zero Waste". A fixed-top navigation menu ensured the phone number was visible at all times and the contact button was shifted over to the right of the nav, partially for aesthetic, but also to make it stand out amongst the other menu buttons.
Responsive, Fluid Layout
Although it was responsive from the get go, I opted to keep the screen size as full as possible on each device. Arguably, a desktop responsive layout can be divided into laptops and desktops, so I wanted to provide a seamless experience on any screen size.
Responsive Design
A lot of time and attention to detail was spent on making it the absolute best user-experience possible, no matter the device.
Mobile Navigation
In addition to the "hamburger bun", the phone number in the nav actually becomes an icon, which people can then tap and call straight from their phone.
Landmark Studio & Design [Original Design]
Launched responsive design on Earth Day—April 22, 2014.
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