Art. Passion. Determination.

In a professional setting, I've been a freelance artist and in-house graphic designer for over 10 years, but art is something that defines my entire life.

It's difficult to describe the exact genesis of my journey here. It began way before Etsy or the Internet was around (yes, there was even a time when Facebook didn't exist) — when I colored inside the lines for the first time when I was 3 years old. Collecting and reading comics, while watching the X-Men cartoon of the 1990s, bolstered and solidified it.

I've layered my artistic and design knowledge from then until now - and I intend to continue creating layers of success (and mistakes) through pieces of art, whether it's to tell a story, express my emotions, or say something controversial, yet poignant...even if I'd never have the guts to say it in real life.

As the quote goes, "Art disturbs the comfortable, and comforts the disturbed."

Producing artwork has brought me sound comfort, perhaps by exorcising the thoughts that were disturbing me - deflecting them to be shared with the rest of the world to shoulder the burden. As a designer, whether in print or web form, it is my job to facilitate communication in a simplistic fashion—a form of art in its own right.
I work to elevate the brand of my clients through graphic design, web design, marketing, and illustration services. I have been a freelance and in-house graphic designer for over 10 years. 

I taught myself how to code and have taken courses to supplement my knowledge, have a BFA in Illustration (Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, 2006), learned the art of marketing, and have amassed years of graphic design knowledge through my education, work experience, and projects with a variety of companies in the printing industry. 

Combining these aspects I provide presents a unique, high-value service that can help enhance your business.

I currently live in Caledonia, Wisconsin with my wife and two sons.